What are the Incisional Hernia Symptoms?
Swelling over the site of previous abdominal surgery with positive cough impulse

What are the causes of Incisional Hernia?
Post operative infection at local sight of operation. Excessive cough in post operative period. After abdominal surgery in an anaemic and malnourished patient

What is the treatment / repair of Incisional Hernia & period of recovery?
Repair option for Ventral / Incisional hernia include: Surgery – Open or Laparoscopic Meshplasty. Recovery time is 3-4 days after laparoscopic surgery and about 2 weeks after open surgery

How is Laparoscopic Surgery performed ( Surgical Procedure )?
It is performed under general anaesthesia making small key holes in the abdomen through which the telescope and thin, long instruments are introduced and surgery is performed by seeing inside of the abdomen on a TV monitor